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Web application tool


Design and build manually customers sign up process to a digital one


InPlace a company with accelerated growth was on the need to change their workflow based on the use of spreadsheets for a software that would allow them to keep track of leads and clients to reduce issues and management costs by automating processes


Collaborate with the Inplace team to analyze and define the business processes on a software solution, proposing improvements that help them to make their daily activities more efficient.

Also, they require an early software delivery to solve critical and more relevant business problems.


They knew that this was going to be the main operating system for the whole business so we have to use technologies that allow us to add on easy way modules for every business area.

Product ideation

In the first meeting with Inplace’s CEO, he told us about the problems that they have been experimenting with owing to the near business expansion to other cities, he highlighted that a fundamental business principle for success was a good customer experience, that experience core values are the luxury sense, elegance, and amazing customer support.

They have been working to build their brand with these principles and the system must transmit that.

On the first project stages, we made interviews with the company areas (Marketing, sales team, sales directors, and commercial directors) to understand what were their daily activities, to know that activities that more effort they made to accomplish, to know the relations with other areas and identify impediments on the daily collaboration and paint points, also to know the tools that they already were using and which one they were more comfortable.

Tools used by Inplace team

The main business objective was to facilitate and efficiently the leads and new customers sign up process, therefore the system’s first version must go directed to the sales team.

User flows

Take manually sign up process to a digital one

Part of the sales team's key activities is to go visit their leads face to face, so they spend a lot of time out of the office, that insight takes us to think about the responsive version in a way to make the tool more comfortable to use on that context.

We create form sets that guide the salesperson to know how much information they need from their leads and customers and how much advance they have on that process. This screens design was thought on the first steps of the ideation process on a mobile version to make it easy for the user to fill up this information.

Design and build a data validation processes

The process that Inplace made to validate their customer information is kinda formal and strict, also with the business expansion in mind, we should ideate a solution to allow make that activity remotely.

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